Charmy Papittoson vs. Kahono is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


Charmy is eating and comments about how good the food in the temple is along how she fought a good spot to eat.[1] Charmy then catches another fish and says that this ecosystem belongs to her, so she will eat everything in it. An opponent suddenly appears and says that she had found a cute prey.[2]


The fight begins when Charmy tells her opponent that she is powered by the mana of the Undersea Temple and that the opponent will fall like the fish on her plate.[3] Charmy takes a stance, which her opponent uses a spell to put Charmy to sleep.


The High Priest says that falling asleep is the same as being knocked out, which Yami says that Charmy is getting no food for a week.[4] Charmy's opponent then wonders who will be next.


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