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Charmy Pappitson vs. Kahono is a fight that occurs in the maze within the Seabed Temple.


While her Sheep Cooks are preparing more food, Charmy Pappitson eats and compliments the temple's seafood. She creates a cotton net to catch more fish, and Kahono approaches from behind.[1]


The fight begins when Charmy tells her opponent that she is fueled by the mana of the temple and that her opponent will fall like the fish on her plate. Charmy takes a fighting stance, but Kahono sings a lullaby that puts Charmy to sleep.[2]


Gifso says that falling asleep is the same as being knocked out, and Yami Sukehiro decides that Charmy is getting no food for a week. Kahono then wonders who her next opponent will be.[3]


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