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Charmy Pappitson vs. Halbet is a fight that occurs in the Polnfrume Forest of the Heart Kingdom.


After infiltrating the Heart Kingdom, the Dark Disciple Halbet Chevour defeats the Spirit Guardian Potrof[1] and sets fire to the Polfrume Forest. Charmy Pappitson races to the forest and witnesses Halbet delighting in the destruction.[2]


Charmy declares that she will never forgive Halbet and creates a large sheep to punch the Dark Disciple. Halbet notices that even though their magics can pass through each other, her Hair Magic is able to form a defense, unlike Charmy's Cotton Magic. Halbet's hair cuts Charmy's multiple times and then forms spears that pierce the Black Bull. Halbet boasts that the devil's power reinforces her hair's strength and beauty. Not wanting to look at Charmy anymore, Halbet encases her in a cocoon and begins constricting her.[3]

Charmy cooks Halbet

Charmy traps and cooks Halbet and her hair.

As her sheep transforms into a wolf, Charmy reminds Halbet that she will never forgive the Disciple. The wolf consumes the cocoon, freeing Charmy. Halbet is puzzled about what sort of magic this is. The wolf attacks with its fork and knife, but Halbet evades them. With several natural mana arrays, Charmy forms a dome that traps Halbet. Additional cooking utensils and seasonings appear around Halbet. The Disciple and her hair are spun around and cooked in a saucepan. The wolf then consumes the rest of the hair, leaving Halbet with only a few short tresses. The power is then transferred to Charmy who uses it to unleash a barrage of punches. Halbet loses consciousness and her face is swollen and battered.[4]

Halbet stands back up as Vanica Zogratis's curse on Halbet heals her injuries and restores her hair. She is furious with Charmy, who refuses to back down.[5] When Vanica decides to kidnap Lolopechka and leave the Heart Kingdom, she detonates the devil power in her Disciples. Halbet's body swells due to the building magic power before she becomes a massive explosion.[6]


Gadjah and Magic Knights block Disciple explosions

Charmy blocks Halbet's explosion.

Charmy manages to survive the explosion and uses all of her power to save the citizens of the Heart Kingdom that were close by the explosion. Afterward, the elves take Charmy and the other Magic Knights to Elysia and heal their injuries.[7]


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