Transfiguration 「変貌 Henbō」 is the 96th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Ladros starts to beg for his life and asks for Asta to pull out the sword. Asta tells Ladros that he will not because he knows how powerful Ladros is and that Ladros might attack his friends. Ladros tells Asta that he will die, but Asta replies that Ladros will not since he did not hit any of Ladros' vitals. Asta also tells Ladros that he is going to knock him out, and Ladros thinks about how he will be out of mana if he tries to defend himself.[1]

Ladros quickly escapes before Asta can hit him, and uses Reinforcement Magic to force the sword out. Ladros quickly grabs Fana and tells her to bring out her powerful magic, but Fana tells him that she does not know about what he is talking. Ladros tells Fana to stop acting stupid and to bring out her magic or he will kill Mars, and fires a warning blast at Mars. Fana yells for Ladros to stop. Salamander appears and attacks, but Ladros absorbs the mana.[2] After finishing absorbing Salamander's mana, Ladros comments about how it the most delicious magic that he has ever absorbed, and Fanzell Kruger comments about how no human can produce that amount of mana.[3]

Asta charges at Ladros but Ladros easily pierces Asta's shoulder from a distance away. Ladros comments about how this power is the greatest and that he will use it to kill all those who looked down on him and even take the kingdom for himself. Asta stands back up, and Ladros says that he will have to finish Asta off first, and fires a blast at Asta. Ladros comments about how he cannot be careless anymore and that he will fire undefendable attacks from long range until Asta's body is in pieces.[4]

The Witch Queen is watching from her throne room and comments about how inferior Asta is. She thought Asta might have been someone's descendant because he was able to use that sword. She then raises her hand and says that Asta will show her who and what he really is.

At the battle, Ladros wonders how many blasts Asta's body can hold up against. Asta suddenly looks up, while black matter surrounds his arm and the grass withers away.[5]



Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells


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