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Those Who Boost Each Other Up 「高め合う存在 Takame Au Sonzai」 is the 95th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Fana tries to heal Mars but does not have the mana to do so, and Asta tells her to sit tight since he will take care of Ladros. Ladros backs off and tells Asta to stop since he knows that Asta is the one with the Anti Magic. Asta stops, and Ladros says that he understands his pain since he was made fun of as a kid because he has no attribute to his magic. Asta tells Ladros just to spit it out and say what he wants, and Ladros suggests that they should team up. Ladros also says that he will help Asta get into the Diamond Kingdom's Army and that they can stick it to all those who look down on them by rising up the ranks, but Ladros is actually thinking about how he will double cross Asta and take Asta's Anti Magic power. Asta tells Ladros that he will pass since he will become the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom.[1]

Ladros tells Asta that his dream is impossible and uses his magic to fly up to get the higher ground. He then fires multiply blasts of mana but Asta easily counters them. Ladros tells Asta that his fighting style is useless since Finral Roulacase is unconscious. Ladros says that it i target practice time and continues to fire blasts at Asta. Asta reflects some of the blasts back, but Ladros easily absorbs the blasts and says that reflecting it back is useless. Ladros tells Asta to just give up, but Asta replies that Ladros has hurt his friends and that he will never forgive him. Ladros replies that there is no such thing as friends, and adds that there are two types of people: those that use people and those that get used. He continues to say that he has used his comrades to get to where he is and that he will even use Fana and Mars to further his own position. Laughing, he also says that he will use Asta as a stepping stone.[2]

Suddenly Ladros is impaled by the Demon-Dweller Sword. Ladros wonders what happened and notices that Asta threw his sword. Ladros panics as the sword drains his mana, and tries to pull out the sword but cannot. As he falls to the ground, he thinks about how this event cannot be happening after everything he has done. Asta tells Ladros that he did not get where he is on his own because he had help from his friends, and that his friends are there so they can help each other rise.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

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