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The Promised World 「約束の世界 Yakusoku no Sekai」 is the 93rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta and Mars charge at Fana, who tells them to stay away. She fires multiple fireballs at them but they easily block the fireballs. Watching them, Fanzell Kruger thinks about how amazing they are for being able to deal with high-level Fire Magic at such a close range and about how they do not even have a few minutes left, and wonders what they two are going to do.[1]

Asta thinks about how he has to get his sword close to Fana so that he will be able to dispel her magic. Suddenly Asta and Mars are burned by the intense heat of the magic. Asta thinks about how he will be reduced to cinders if they try to get close to Fana, but Mars uses Phoenix Feathers Robe to heal both of them. Mars asks if Asta can make it, and Asta replies that he can get anywhere as long as he is not getting burnt to cinders. Mars thinks about how Asta is incredible and that he has not met anyone like Asta. Mars also thinks about how Asta is the embodiment of the word 'knight'. Asta asks if Mars is okay, and Mars replies that he is fine since it is nothing compared to the pain that Fana went through.[2] Asta thinks about how Mars has changed from the last time they met, and about how with the resolve that Mars has right now, that Mars cannot be broken.

Fanzell tells Noelle Silva, Vanessa Enoteca, and Finral Roulacase to leave before the explosion, but all three refuse to leave. Fanzell notices the serious looks on their faces and thinks that he believes in Asta and Mars too, and decides not to leave.[3]

Mars is about to reach Fana, when she says that this is the end. Asta says that it is not and uses Demon-Slayer Sword to dispel her mana. She then says that their hatred will never disappear, when Mars suddenly hugs her. Mars tells her that it is him and apologizes for not having the strength to fight with her back then. She suddenly remembers him but her memories clash with each other. He also tells her that they have finally met in the outside world and that they should go see the world together. The flames abruptly disappear, shocking everyone, and as her third eye crumbles away, she tells Mars that they will see the world just like they promised. Mars starts to cry and hugs Fana, while Fanzell and Asta watch.[4]



Magic and Spells used[]

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