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Plasma Explosion is the 91st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Radols asks Mars if he is betraying his kingdom, which Mars replies that it appears so.[1] Radols laughs and asks Mars what he is doing. Mars responds by asking why Radols is killing all the innocent people, since their objective is the Witch Queen. Radols tells Mars that they are defending fugitives from the kingdom and that if Mars lets them go then he will be a fugitive too. Mars says that Radols is right about that.

Radols prepares to attack but Mariella appears and says to not kill someone's teacher like an afterthought. Mariella attacks but Radols easily absorbs that spell and says that that wasn't enough as an appetizer. Radols then says that he will use everything to kill Mars, since he has always hated him for being better and being in his way of reaching the top.[2] Radols also express how wonderful this situation is, but is suddenly attacked by Mars. Radols absorbs some of the mana and says that his mana will be sent back to him while attacking. Mars, Fanzel, Domina, and Mariella dodge the spell, and Mars uses a spell to heal the three. Fanzel asks why Mars is healing them since they are fugitives, which Mars responds that he is on their side and that they will have to first deal with Radols before they can catch up. Fanzel then asks how to get pass Radols ability, which Mars says that their are two ways. Mars then says that they can either feed Radols more mana then he can handle, which they would need Spirit Magic or the Witch Queen power, or Anti-magic.[3] Fanzel tells Mars that they will have to head to the other side of the forest to try out those theories, which Mars says that they will go with that. Radols asks what they are talking about and also says that no matter what they do his ability will easily overcome it. Mars and Fanzel easily close the distance between Radols and attack with enough force to sent Radols flying.

At the other side of the forest Fana is surrounded and Asta tells her to surround without resisting. Asta also says that Fana's friends and family will be sad if she keeps up this nonsense, which cause Fana to get angry and tells them to not talk about her friends and family.[4] Fana then releases her mana, which surprises them and comment about that Fana still has more power left. Mars and Fanzel arrive at their location, which Fanzel thinks about how much power Salamander has while Mars notices this power. Radols is chasing after Mars and Fanzel, and tells them that running is not going to help them. Fanzel calls out to Asta, which Asta notice them and asks why Mars is with him. Fana takes the chance to attack Asta, which Fanzel remembers what Asta had told him about his sword and tells Asta to hit the attack towards him. Asta reflects the attack towards Fanzel, who uses his magic to direct the attack to Radols. Radols notices that the spell it to powerful but it still hit by the spell.[5]


  • Fanzel and Mars vs. Radols


Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells
  1. Laevateinn
  2. Million Laser
  3. Phoenix Feathers Robe
  4. Demon-Slayer Sword
  5. Demon-Dweller Sword


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