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Students 「教え子 Oshiego」 is the 90th page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Fanzell Kruger recalls teaching his students (which include Mars and Ladros) that their powers are for protecting people.[1] Fanzell hits Ladros but thinks about how Ladros specializes in Reinforcement Magic and that he will have to hit Ladros with everything that he has. Mars appears behind Fanzell, which Fanzell notices, and says that you are going to need to stop right there. Fanzell thinks about how Mars was the strongest student that he ever had and that he will have to keep his distance from Mars. Fanzell sends Mars flying away with Slicing Wind Emperor: Mountain Retreat, and turns back to Ladros and attacks with Slicing Wind Emperor: Gale.[2] While attacking, Fanzell thinks about how Ladros is an anomaly who did not have an elemental type but has a larger well of mana than anyone else. Fanzell also thinks that if Ladros has learned a powerful long-range spell, then they would be in trouble, and that he needs to take Ladros out. Ladros yells out to stop but then smiles as he says that he will be stuffed, which shocks Fanzell.

Fanzell backs off and notices that Ladros does not even have a scratch. Ladros tells Fanzell that after Fanzell left, he had taken the military's reconstructive surgery and had gotten the ability of Absorption and Expulsion. Ladros also explains how his ability works and releases his mana. Fanzell wonders what kind of power this is since he can feel multiple magic powers swelling up together. Ladros points out that Fanzell brought someone he cared about here and that he should go to save her. Fanzell leaves to save Dominante Code, and Ladros launches Million Laser, destroying the surrounding area.[3] Ladros goes to find Fanzell and notices that he wiped out his own men too. Ladros finds Fanzell, who managed to protect Domina in time. Ladros is surprised that Fanzell did bring someone important to him here and mocks Fanzell while kicking him away. Ladros picks Domina up and recognizes her as the one who ran away with Fanzell. Fanzell asks Ladros to stop since he needs to use his power for good, but Ladros tells him that he never thought of using his powers to protect. Ladros reveals why he did all that training and calls Fanzell a coward for leaving the kingdom. Domina attacks Ladros and says that her husband is not a coward.[4]

Ladros tosses Domina into the air and says that he will start by killing Domina. Fanzell yells for Ladros to stop but Ladros launches a Magic Bullet at Domina. Mars blocks the blast with Laevateinn, which surprises Ladros. Mars says that his power is for protecting people and that Fanzell's teachings did reach him. Fanzell is shocked and asks what Mars is doing.[5]



Magic and Spell Used[]

Magic Spells


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