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The Boy's Vow 2 「少年の誓い2 Shōnen no Chikai 2」 is the 9th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta finally manages to take down Heath Graice with his attack thanks to Magna Swing's flames distracting him. Magna quickly uses a Restraining Magic spell on Heath and the other three mages by taking advantage of his fire spells that are still burning on their bodies. Fluss manages to escape by extinguishing the spell with a water spell. Feeling euphoric after his victory, Asta faints out of exhaustion. From his hood, an anti-bird from the Magic Knights Entrance Exam emerges and takes flight. It senses something from one of the villager's houses and flies straight in where it finds a peculiar stone. The anti-bird takes the stone and uses it to wake Asta up forcefully. Asta tries to return the stone that the anti-bird took but the villagers decide that he should have it instead. Subsequently, Noelle Silva is fascinated by the anti-bird's appearance and offers herself as its owner.[1]

As Heath regains consciousness, Magna reveals to him that they will be taken to headquarters for questioning. However, refusing to give any information, Heath activates a suicidal spell that kills him along with his two subordinates. His act impresses Magna for his degree of loyalty, while it sickens Asta for Heath's lack of appreciation towards life. In another place, the escaped mage reports the situation to an ominous figure with a Golden Dawn squad badge. The figure is standing in front of a sephirot and remarks that their lord will soon be revived.[2]

Back in Sosshi, Asta, while running from the anti-bird with Noelle following them, encounters Nick, who is the grandson of Seihi, the village's chief and the man that won the bet against Yami Sukehiro and Magna. After hearing about Nick's grandfather's bravery when he tried to stop Heath, Asta gives Nick a few words of encouragement regarding his chance of becoming a part of the Magic Knights.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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