Flames of Hatred 「憎悪の炎 Zōo no Honō」 is the 86th page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Fana declares that she will destroy the Black Bulls and charges. Salamander slashes at them with his claw, which destroys some of the forest, but Asta, Finral Roulacase, and Vanessa Enoteca manage to dodge it. Vanessa notices the damages and thinks about how the rumors are true, as Salamander is the strongest of the four spirits. Asta attacks Fana and Salamander and manages to wound the spirit with Demon-Slayer Sword. Vanessa sees the wound and thinks about how Asta can beat them since a spirit's body is made of mana.[1]

Vanessa says that it is time for them to go on the offensive but Asta puts his swords down and asks Fana to talk things out. Finral and Vanessa ask what Asta is on about, but Asta ignores them and asks Fana why she hates them. Fana ignores Asta and attacks but Vanessa manages to pull Asta out of the way. Asta calls out to Finral, who creates a portal. Asta jump through the portal and appears behind Fana. She notices him and goes to attack but he easily disarms her. He tells her that Vetto fell into despair for hating them, and asks why they cannot come to an understanding.[2]

Fana is shocked by Asta words and remembers a friend of Licht's who was human. She also remembers how the friend had wanted to create a world where they live in peace with one another, and how the humans had attacked them. The jewels on her forehead shatters and reveals that she, too, has a third eye. She asks who is going to believe Asta and forces him away with Crystal Magic. She asks if he will be able to live through her intense hatred and increases Salamander's power with her demonic magic.

Finral creates a portal to rescue Asta. As her threads burn away, Vanessa comments about how stronger Salamander has gotten because of the second magic. Fana then charges and says that she will burn them all with her flames of hatred, and Asta gets ready and says that he will have to use his finishing move.[3]



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