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The Charging Bull 「暴れ牛奮迅 Abare Ushi Funjin」 is the 85th page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta is excited to battle the enemy,[1] but Noelle Silva, Finral Roulacase, and Vanessa Enoteca hit Asta for how worried they were about him. They notice that Asta is not hurt and is even stronger. The Witch Queen tells Asta that she has kept up her end of the bargain and now it is his turn to show her the power they mentioned. Asta replies that he will and also thanks her for fixing his arms. Fanzell Kruger interrupts and says that he, Dominante Code, and Mariella also want to help as they have some history with Mars. Asta accepts their help and adds that Fanzell should put on some clothes.[2]

On the outskirts of the forest, the witches are defending their home when a giant Security Golem rises up, but Fana and Salamander easily destroy the golem. A member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun comments about how amazing Fana is and how he wishes to fight her one day, but says that their target is the witches. He then orders the other men to capture the witches so that they can make them into slaves.[3] As the enemy attacks, Asta and Vanessa come flying in. Asta cuts through the magic snake that is binding a witch, but she attacks him for saving her. Asta is confused so Vanessa explains how the witches think. As Noelle helps put out the several fires, Vanessa focuses on the Eye of the Midnight Sun members, who have managed to capture some of the witches. Asta asks Vanessa to throw him towards the witches, even through she will not be able to pull him back. Vanessa sends him flying at the group and one of the members attacks Asta, who easily counters the spell, defeats him, and proceeds to attack and defeat several other members.[4]

Asta tells the freed witches to get away when Fana appears behind him and says that she will kill him for killing Vetto. She fires a spell but he reflects it. She counters the reflected spell, and the resulting explosion sends Asta falling toward the ground. Finral catches Asta with a portal that leads to a net that Vanessa created. Fana complains about Asta getting in her way and that she will kill him. Asta replies that he will send her packing each time she comes.[5]



Magic and Spells Used[]

Magic Spells


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