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Decision at the Battlefield 「戦場の決断 Senjō no Ketsudan」 is the 84th page of Yuki Tabata's Black Clover.


The Witch Queen shows everyone that two armies have arrived at the forest. Asta notices the ones that are leading the armies and explains who Fana and Mars are. Finral Roulacase starts to worry about the situation, while Fanzell Kruger recognizes Mars. The queen ignores what Asta told them and says that she will blow them away.[1]

Outside of the forest, Fana comments about how Asta is inside the forest and that she will kill him and get back the magic stone. A member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun informs Fana that the queen is at the center of the forest. Fana uses her magic to burn a portion of the forest. The queen thinks about how the imperfect Salamander is stronger than she thought and that she will not be able fend them off with the forest's power.[2]

An unconscious Vanessa Enoteca thinks about her destiny and remembers Yami Sukehiro and what he told her once. Vanessa wakes up and asks what Asta is doing here after noticing him. Vanessa notices the others, and Dominante Code says that they had the same idea about healing Asta's arms. Vanessa then says that she is going to talk with the queen to heal Asta's arms, but Asta refuses since it will cost Vanessa her freedom. Asta and Vanessa get into an argument about the subject. Asta reveals that he has one last trick and pulls out his sword. The queen notices the sword, while Vanessa asks what Asta is going to do. Asta hits his arm but it does not work and Asta yells in pain. Vanessa yells at Asta for his action, to which Asta replies that he will continue to fight with his arms broken since he does not want to lose any comrades. Asta tries to hit his arm again, but Vanessa stops him and tells him that sometimes he will have to rely on their friend and comrades. Vanessa also lets it slip that she had planned to escape once Asta's arms where healed.[3]

Noelle Silva asks the queen to heal Asta's arms, since Asta wants to help them and that they will help out too. The queen agrees to heal Asta's arm and even to make them stronger. The queen thinks about how she will obtain both Vanessa and Asta's sword. The queen uses her magic to heal Asta's arms, and Noelle thinks about how powerful the queen is. Asta says that his arms were healed perfectly, about which everyone is glad. Asta then pulls out his second sword and says that they should go out to fight.[4]


Magic and Spells Used[]

Magic Spells


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