To Protect Someone 「護る者 Mamoru Mono」 is the 8th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Sometimes, when people are no longer exposed to a hard battle, their fangs would grown dull. Magna regains his lost fangs after seeing Asta's tenacious spirit and noble ideology.


Heath Grice manages to reduce Asta's momentum by freezing the ground under his feet, thus negating most of the damage he received from Asta's attack. Subsequently, Heath launches a counter-attack on Asta and starts freezing Noelle's magic spell to create an entrance. Depleted of almost all of his magical power, Magna Swing begins to loose his fighting spirit until he sees Asta's tenacity and strong will to fight Heath.[1]

Regaining his confidence, Magna steps out of Noelle Silva's spell and asks Asta to redo the initiation ceremony that they had previously. Heath and his group of mages is taken down from their blindspot by Magna and Asta's strategy while Noelle is shrouding Magna with her protection spell. Heath tries to freeze Magna's fire spell after he realizes that the fire would not fade. Taking advantage of the situation, Asta delivers another clean strike upon Heath.[2]



Magic and Spells usedEdit

Magic Spells


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