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Open the Path of Destiny 「運命を切り拓く Unmei o Kiri Hiraku」 is the 71st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Vetto yells after getting stabbed by Asta, and the Black Bulls think that they have won. Vetto grabs Asta's arms and tells him that his attack did not work. While crushing Asta's arms, he tells Asta that he let Asta hit him while not hitting his vitals so that he could take Asta's sword away and give Asta the purest form of despair after giving them hope. Vetto tells them to enjoy the pits of despair, and Finral Roulacase, Vanessa Enoteca, and Noelle Silva look panicked. Vetto continues to yell, "Despair!" over and over, but Asta replies that it is not over yet, which shocks Vetto.[1]

Finral, Vanessa, and Noelle are all surprised, and Vanessa quickly pulls Asta back. She thinks about how Asta is not normal and that he will rise to the top in this world where magic is everything. She thinks about how they have guided him forward and uses her thread to hold his arms in place. She also thinks about why he was born in this world without any mana, and he thanks her and says that he can still fight.

Vanessa says that they will attack again, and Finral says that they will do it as many times as it takes. Asta quickly grabs his other sword and charges at Vetto, who asks why Asta will not feel despair. Asta replies that he has no time for despair since there is someone to whom he cannot lose. He also says that his promise will not lose to some despair.[2]

He then continues to attack the same way as last time, and Vetto says that they are all insects that he can easily crush. Vetto also says that he has seen through his moves, but notices that he cannot follow Asta's moves. Vetto notices that Asta's sword is weakening the magic that is strengthening his body, and realizes that he has been fighting by relying on magic. Vetto also thinks about how he thought he had taken Asta's weapon away but he was the one that had his weapon taken and pulls the sword out of his body. Vetto says that it is impossible for him to lose to a mere human, and Asta replies that Vetto has not won against anyone yet. Asta also says that no one that Vetto had fought had surrendered to him, and Vetto tells Asta to shut up. Vetto thinks about how he had a chill down his spine because his magic armor and absolute confidence has cracked. Vetto also thinks about how Asta is not a beast like himself, but an all-consuming devil. Vetto yells out, "Despair," but Asta attacks and tells him that he has lost.[3]



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