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Brutes 「獣 Kemono」 is the 7th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Heath Graice and his group of mages are confronted by Asta, Magna Swing, and Noelle Silva. Recognizing their affiliation with the Magic Knights, Heath decides that the Black Bull members and the rest of the villagers need to be eliminated before they can continue their main objective. Asta begins his assault while trying to find out the reason behind Heath's actions. The man simply says that all people from the kingdom's Forsaken Realm are just brutes and a waste of his time, which triggers a memory from Asta's past. Remembering the past, Asta sets his resolve on protecting the villagers.[1]

Heath and his group manage to keep Asta and Magna occupied with their combined magic. Noelle tries to take a chance by attacking Heath, but the royal misses due to her lack of accuracy. A thought of escaping crosses Noelle's mind after her failure but she manages to regain her spirit after a young girl pleads for her protection. She manages to trigger her grimoire to activate a new magic spell that is able to protect all of them from Heath and his group's assault. Taking advantage of the situation, Asta delivers a direct hit to Heath.[2]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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