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Awakening 「覚醒 Kakusei」 is the 68th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Noelle Silva remembers what Fuegoleon Vermillion told her and tells Vetto to let go of her friend. Vetto notices Noelle's mana and asks if Noelle is a part of the royal family, which Noelle replies that she is. Noelle also says that that is insignificant as she is here as a member of the Black Bulls and will make him pay for hurting her friends. Vetto tosses Kahono aside and tells Noelle to use her full power for he will redirect it back at her. Noelle launches Sea Dragon's Roar, which is powerful enough not only to tear off Vetto's arm but also to blast through the walls of the Seabed Temple.[1]

Noelle is glad that she was able to hit Vetto, and Yami Sukehiro says that Noelle has managed to go way over her limit. Gifso says that Noelle is a goddess in her own right, while Yami thinks about how he did not think that Noelle would be this great of an offensive magic user. Vetto yells in pain and remembers when he was revived by Licht. Vetto also remembers a tragic moment in his life and thinks that he will bury them all. Vetto then reveals that he has a third eye and thanks them for calling him out.[2]

Noelle and Yami are surprised and Noelle wonders about the third eye along with the sinister mana coming from Vetto. He then uses Demon Beast Magic to restore his arm, which Yami and Gifso say that that should be impossible to do. Yami thinks about how Vetto and the Eye of the Midnight Sun are more dangerous then he thought, and tells Noelle to run. Vetto tells Noelle to have a piece of her own medicine and fires a large beam, and Noelle realizes that she does not have the power to counter the blast. The attack blasts out of the side of the temple, but Asta used his sword to cut it in half, protecting Noelle. He then tells Vetto that they have not given up yet, to which Vetto replies that they are going to taste true despair from now on.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

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