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Bonds 「絆 Kizuna」 is the 67th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Vetto tells Noelle Silva and Kahono that he hopes that they will entertain him better than the rest. Noelle notices that Magna Swing, Luck Voltia, and Asta were defeated and wonders how strong Vetto is. Asta says that he is not done yet and attacks, but Vetto easily tosses Asta aside while telling him to get lost. Kahono uses her magic to catch Asta before he hits the wall, for which Noelle thanks her. Kahono notices her brother and yells at him about how they made a promise to become famous singer and dancer, and Kiato wakes up. He thinks about how he would not have a head right now it he had not reduced the impact of the blow with his magic. Noelle is surprised that Kahono has a brother, and Kahono says that she does and they then reveal that both have a dream to go to the surface.[1]

Kiato and Kahono combine their magic and attack Vetto. Vetto says that their combination magic is interesting. Kiato reveals that this magic was born from their form of worshiping the Sea God. Kahono also says that they have been preforming this song and dance to the people too, and that this magic is the bond that they share with the people of the Seabed Temple. They tell Vetto that this spell will not be broken by him, but Vetto easily rips off Kiato's leg and crushes Kahono's throat while mocking their dream. Gifso summons some Monster Toys to attack Vetto, who easily defeats them. Vetto says that he has dreams and bonds too, while also saying that it is the dream of them crushed and the bond of blood. Vetto grabs Kahono's hair and tells them that their dream is now crushed while asking how the taste of despair is.[2]

Vetto looks into Kahono's eyes and says that he does not like the look of them. Vetto says that he will rip Kahono limb from limb, but Noelle demands that he let Kahono go. Vetto tells Noelle that words will not stop him. Noelle thinks about how she cannot attack because she might hit Kahono, and wonders if her attack would do anything to Vetto. He tells Noelle to watch from where she is, and Noelle shivers thinking about how everyone is fighting with their lives on the line. She suddenly hears Kahono's voice and notices that Kahono is using her magic to communicate with her. Kahono tells Noelle that Noelle can control her mana and that it is alright to fight because she will win. Kahono then unleashes her mana, which shakes the temple. Yami Sukehiro says that Noelle has finally woken up, while Vetto wonders from where all this mana came. Noelle tells Vetto that this is his final warning for him to get his hand off her friend.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

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