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An Unfiltered Fireball and a Wild Lightning Bolt 「愚直な火球と奔放な稲光 Guchokuna Kakyū to Honpōna Inazuma」 is the 64th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Vetto is excited and says that it will be worth plunging them into despair. Magna Swing thinks that they were able to get back up but wonders how they are supposed to fight Vetto. Luck Voltia tells Vetto to hit them with the same attack, and Magna wonders what Luck is thinking. Vetto goes in to attack but Luck manages to dodge and lands a hit on Vetto. Luck is shocked when he notices that the attack did not work, but Vetto compliments Luck and decides to play with him for a little while. While Luck and Vetto are battling, Magna thinks back to when he first met Luck and how Luck was always wild but had good battle instincts. Magna tells them not to leave him out of this and attacks with a spell. Luck compliments Magna's attacks and remembers back to when he met Magna. Luck also thinks about how he always messed with Magna to make him stronger and that Magna is also his first friend. Vetto throws Luck into Magna and says that it is enough playing, to Magna and Luck replies that they are just warming up.[1]

Elsewhere, Asta and Kiato are running to a location where they sense people. Kiato comments about how powerful the mana is, but also says that they still have to do it. While running Asta talks about how it was hard for him to pick up Kiato's movements, and Kiato says that he puts himself into a trance when he dances. When they get closer, Kiato says that he has a clear view of their magic and that the Lightning and Fire Magic are fighting magic that is like hundreds of raging beasts. Asta says that he knows the two who are fighting and that they are not going to go down so easily.[2]

Back at the fight Magna and Luck are on the ground, and Vetto tells them that despair is all that is left for them. Luck and Magna get back up and tells Vetto that they cannot feel despair since they would be too embarrassed to act like superiors again. Magna and Luck continue the fight, waiting for an opening. Once they find an opening Luck and Magna hit Vetto with a fire and lightning Union Magic spell, which Asta and Kiato manage to see.

Asta and Kiato reach the area and witness that Vetto is able to counter the spell. Vetto questions if that is all that they have and decides to finish them off. Asta blocks the attack, and Vetto is glad to have found him and says that he is going to pay Asta back ten times the pain that was inflicted onto Licht. Asta replies that he is going to take up Luck and Magna's role and take him down.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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