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A Game with Lives on the Line 「命を懸けたゲーム Inochi o Kaketa Gēmu」 is the 63rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


On Raque's beach, Sekke Bronzazza is cowering in terror after having witnessed Vetto defeat 50 Magic Knights and turn the beach into hell. Sekke also comments about how Vetto is not human but a beast.[1]

In the Seabed Temple, Luck Voltia and Magna Swing wonder who Vetto is, and Luck notices that Vetto's mana surpasses Yami Sukehiro's. Standing back up, Gio compliments Vetto for getting to the Seabed Temple and asks what he is going here. Vetto reveals that they are after the magic stone and that they will first cause everyone to despair. He then orders his men to head out. Gio asks Vetto to leave, but Vetto tells him to use all his power to make him leave. Gio says that he is the strongest person in the Seabed Temple, and Vetto tells him not to talk but to fight instead. Gio attacks with a spell, but Vetto easily blocks it and says that he will reward him with despair. Vetto then quickly dispatches the priest, Luck, and Magna. Gifso is shocked that his son was defeated so easily and that he has never seen a master of mana like Vetto before.[2]

Yami tells Gifso that the games are over, and the priest asks who Vetto is. Yami tells him that Vetto is a dangerous terrorist and that they do not have time to talk. The priest says that it is impossible to end the game because of the rules of his magic. Yami then decides to cut his way out but notices that they trapped within a barrier created by Abari, one of the Eye of the Midnight Sun members. Knowing that Yami is watching, Vetto tells him that he is going to make Yami feel despair by killing all of his men. Yami then asks the priest to let him talk to the other Black Bulls, and tells everyone that the Eye of the Midnight Sun have arrived and that they are going to have to surpass their limits to defeat the rogue mages. Gifso then announces them that he is changing the rules and that if they win, he will grant them their wish as long as his authority can grant it.[3]

Asta remembers the time when he first saw Vetto and slaps himself, saying that this fight is going to have its merits. Kiato suggests that they postpone their own battle, with which Asta agrees, and they both head out.[4] Elsewhere Vetto is wondering who will be his next prey, when Luck and Magna suddenly get up. Magna and Luck tell Vetto that they have not been broken yet, and Vetto says that he cannot wait for them to succumb to despair.[5]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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