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Go! Go! First Mission 「ゴーゴー初任務 Gō Gō Hatsu Ninmu」 is the 6th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


During meal time, Asta casually asked about the jobs of the Magic Knights, which infuriates Magna Swing for his ignorance. Vanessa Enoteca and Luck Voltia then jumped in by saying that it could range from protecting people to fighting as much as you want while Gauche Adlai keeps lusting over his sister. Additionally, Charmy Pappitson can be seen eating to her heart's content and Grey is displaying her ability to Asta.[1]

Later on, Magna reveals that Asta and Noelle Silva's first mission would be boar hunting at Sosshi village with him supervising them. Yami Sukehiro explained that the mission was a request made by a villager with whom he lost a bet in which the winner could ask the other one a request. Additionally, Yami threatens them to perform the mission. Magna then decides to take them with his broom, the Crazy Cyclone, due to Asta and Noelle's inability to ride a broom and Finral Roulacase's inability to transport them to a place he had never visited beforehand.[2]

As they arrived, it can be seen that the village has been shrouded by mist made of magic. Magna then tells Asta to cut it with his sword only to reveal that someone has taken the villagers as hostages. Luckily, Magna manages to destroy the icicles that are about to strike the helpless villagers. As they find out that the man whom won a bet against Yami is dead, the perpetrator attacks them. However, his attack is once again neutralized by Asta as he cut it in half before confronting him for his deeds.[3]



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