Chance Encounter 「邂逅 Kaikō」 is the 5th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


Yami says that Karna can't be the one that is attacking the Magic Knights. Klaus says that they have sold reason to believe that Karna is collaborating with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and that can cause a get deal of trouble with the Clover Kingdom. Klaus says that they are wasting time and that the best course of action is to investigate the truth. The group then head off to the Dungeon of Lava.

Once they arrive at the dungeon, Klaus, Yami, Yuno, and Asta head into the dungeon while Mimosa and Magna stand watch outside. As Asta complains about the heat, Klaus comments about how mana within the dungeon while Yuno tells Asta that he is loud. Yami says that Klaus better be right and that Karna is hear, which Klaus tells him that they already know the layout of the dungeon thanks to Mimosa's Magic Flower Guidepost spell and that they will find something lurking in the final room of the dungeon. Klaus also says that they also have sentries waiting outside, which Asta says that those two will do get. Outside, Magna tries to make small talk with Mimosa but it doesn't work. Magna thinks about how he wants Asta and Yami to return soon since the awkward silence is driving him crazy, while Mimosa thinks about how it ended up like this since she wanted to go on the mission with Asta. Asta compliments how Magna Fire Magic should excel in this location along with how skilled a support mage Mimosa is. Asta also says that they should do their best since the other are tried their best to find a way to return the captain to normal, but Yami says that the Finral guy was obviously slacking off.

Klaus tells them to be careful of Trap Magic within the dungeon and that Yuno's Wind Magic can help them navigate, but Asta suddenly activates a trap. As lava shots out at Asta, but Asta uses his Demon-Slayer Sword to counter the trap. Klaus says that he had warned them and that Asta would be dead if the lava hit him, which Asta says that he knows. Yami suggests that Asta just cut their way through. Yuno then activate his Heavenly Wind Ark to lift himself up in the air, which Asta says that that is no fair. Yuno says that they should race to see who can rest the bottom of the dungeon first since they are rivals, which Asta agrees with and races off while saying that he won't lose. Klaus is shocked by this and asks Yami to do something, but Yami says that is interesting and join in on their race. As the three race off, Klaus thinks about how there is not a single normal one from the three. Klaus tells them not to leave him behind and chases after them.

Outside of the dungeon, Magna wonders what Mimosa is doing which Mimosa says that she is using her Magic Flower Guidepost to find out what is happening wth the others. Mimosa finds out that they are near the bottom of the dungeon, but suddenly notices an evil presence within the dungeon and says that they have to get the others out of the dungeon quickly.

Inside the dungeon, Yuno and Asta are easily making their way through the dungeon. As Asta easily cuts through the traps, Asta says that he can take on any trap which Yuno says that Asta is annoying and in the way. Yami sees Asta and Yuno and thinks about him and Karna. Yami then thinks about how he will bring Karna back. Suddenly Asta notices some huge doors and wonders if that is the last room. All of the sudden, the doors explode which shocks everyone. Karna comes walking out and comments about how pathetic something was, and that their was a limit to something that was made by humans. Karna notices that they have guests, which Asta and Yuno wonder who that is. Yami calls out to Karna, and asks why she is hear since the others are worried about her. Asta figures out that the woman is Karna. Klaus notices the broke tablet behind Karna, and tells everyone that they have to get out of the dungeon right now. Klaus also says that the tablet maintaining the dungeon has been destroyed and that the dungeon will collapse. As the dungeon starts to collapse, Yami asks Karna why she did this and for what purpose. Karna says that she did this to have her revenge on the Clover Kingdom, as she summons mages to her side. Karna says that they should play for a bit since they are here.

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