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Seabed Temple 「海底神殿 Kaitei Shinden」 is the 59th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


With all of the Black Bulls in Sea Dragon's Cradle, Yami Sukehiro compliments Noelle Silva for doing a good job and also says that they are in her care. They all then head into the ocean, about which some are excited. They come across a raging current and head into it. When some of them start yelling, Noelle tells them to shut up as she is trying to concentrate. She notices that the current is actually helping them. They make it out of the current and are treated to a beautiful underwater landscape. Everyone is amazed about the view when they suddenly come across a whirlpool made of mana. Noelle says that they will not be able to pass through it, and Yami tells Asta that it i his turn. Asta admits that he cannot swim, but Yami says that that it does not matter and throws Asta anyways. Asta takes out his sword and destroys the whirlpool, and they make it all through.[1]

Asta crashes to the ground and is surprised that he can breathe there, before Noelle's spell lands on him. The Black Bulls look out onto the Seabed Temple and use Charmy Pappitson's Cotton Magic to get closer, noticing that there are houses. They also notice that there are people and are quickly swarmed by greeting civilians. Vanessa Enoteca says that they will have to find someone who knows something about the magic stone that they are after. Yami tells the civilians to bring out their boss with an angry look, to which an angry-looking person replies that they are looking for the High Priest. Another person tells them where the High Priest is, and the Black Bulls head to the temple.[2]

When the reach the temple, the Black Bulls head inside and notice a man. A large sea monster suddenly ambushes them, but Gauche Adlai, Magna Swing, and Luck Voltia easily defeat it. Gifso compliments their strength and introduces himself as the High Priest. Charmy is ready to eat the sea monster, which suddenly disappears, and Gifso reveals that it was made by his magic. Vanessa and Finral wonder about Gifso's magic and also wonder just who Gifso is. Gifso reveals that he knows why they are there and that they are going to have to play a game with him to get the magic stone.[3]

Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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