They're Not Yours 「オマエのモノじゃない Omae no Mono Janai」 is the 53rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Back at the house, Noelle enjoys some of Rebecca's cooking with the kids. She compliments her food, stating that it tastes better than the royal chief. Rebecca then believes that this could be the girl Asta wanted, and did not believe she had a chance. Simultaneously, Noelle believes that Asta is more attracted to Rebecca due to her cooking skills.

Rebecca looks out the window, stating that she is worried for Asta. Noelle tells her that he'll be fine with the rest of the group. Rebecca asks her if Asta is her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Asta succeeds in taking down Licht with his anti-magic attack. The captains are impressed, and Jack mocks the Third-Eye for the weakness of their master. Licht then moans how Asta could have recieved such a power. Revealing that the swords belong to the demon-king that defeated the Original Magic Emperor.

Asta claims that he will not be corrupted by wielding the swords. However, Licht then begins utilizing a powerful magic that engulfs him in light. Liar reveals this to be his Reincarnation Magic. Before the Captains are able to stop him, Liar and the other Third-Eyes flee with their master, telling the Magic Knights that they will die in their next meeting.

Yami asks Aster if he's strong enough to stand on his own legs, Aster exclaims, but falls unconscious on the ground. Nozeru looks upon the fainted Asta with suspicion, but decides to worry about things later.

Later, Asta awakens in a strange bedroom with Marx at his side. Marx tells Asta that he is in the King's Palace and asks for his help.


  • Asta vs Licht
  • Jack vs Vetto

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