The Light of Judgment 「裁きの光 Sabaki no Hikari」is the 50th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yami Sukehiro and Asta compliment each other for landing a blow, while both Licht and Valtos are injured. Licht compliments Yami and how his magic is the only natural threat to Licht's. Licht starts to explain how Yami is using his magic to attack, which Yami says that Licht is correct. Licht tells Yami that he is not going to hold back anymore by using his current strongest spell. Yami wonders what to do and decides to think about it in a few seconds.[1]

In Nairn, Theresa Rapual, Gauche Adlai, and Neige are being healed by mages, while everyone hopes for the Sister to live. When Gauche tells her to live, Theresa tells him to shut up while also giving him the rest of her mana. She also tells him that she is not going to die and says to go rescue Asta and the others. Neige and the children then give Gauche their mana, and Gauche tells Finral Roulacase to send him back to the fight. Finral tries to get out of going but Gauche bows his head and asks to go.[2]

At the fight Licht is finished powering his spell, and Yami decides to switch to defense and surround himself and Asta in darkness. Asta decides to use his sword to reflect the spell back but Yami says that Asta will not be able to survive the attack. Finral and Gauche arrives just as Licht fires Light Shaft of Divine Punishment at Yami and Asta. Gauche jumps in front of the spell and uses his Full Reflection to reflect the spell back at Licht.[3]


Magic and Spells used

Magic Spells


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