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The Person Named Karna 「ルナという者 Karuna toiu Mono」 is the 4th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


The Black Bulls check the library for anything that can help with Yami's condition, but all they have are records of magic tools from long ago. Yami tells them that they do not have to go out of its way and that his body will turn back to normal eventually, which Asta says that its is not a problem and to leave it to them. Yami comments about how if they are telling the truth, then he is really is 28 years old and that he was de-aged by Trap Magic. Yami wonders if he was really that old of a geezer, which shocks everyone.

Yami then wonder about the memories about Karna that he has, which Magna asks who this Karna person is while Luck wonders if she is strong. Yami says that Karna is a friends of his and that she means a lot to a bunch of people, which Vanessa remembers commenting about how he was once a bandit. Yami says that they were not a bandits but that they would just borrow things they need, which Noelle says that that is what a bandit is. Yami begins to explains how they had found a necklace when they had entered a noble's home. Yami also explains how Karna has started to act weird once she had put the necklace on, and that he somehow ended up in the dungeon he was found in after he had followed after Karna. Yami becomes frustrated about how he cannot remember what happened after that, which Finral comments about how Yami has lost his memory and Noelle wonders if Karna is the one that did it. Vanessa wonders about the necklace that Karna had put on, which Asta thinks about how he does not know what they are talking about. Yami then says that it does not matter and that he is himself. Magna compliments Yami, which Vanessa tells him to pipe down. Yami says that he believes that the Black Bulls are his current friends, but he still has to search for his friend Karna. Yami explains how Karna has no family and that its up to him to do something about it, which Asta says that the Black Bulls will help Yami out. Yami agrees to their help.

As the Black Bulls leave the base, Yuno shows up and uses his Towering Tornado spell which Asta and Yami manages to destroy the spell. Asta notices that Yuno, Mimosa, and Klaus has shown up, which Asta comments about Yuno's arrival. Finral and Noelle is shocked that members of the Golden Dawn has arrived at the Black Bull base. Klaus tells Yuno how he is overdoing it with being happy to meet Asta, while Mimosa asks about how everyone is doing. Asta greets the three, while Yami wonders who the three are. Klaus wonders who the kid Yami is, which they explain the situation that has happened to Yami. After listening, Klaus says that there is no way that Yami can be a captain looking like that. Yami asks if Klaus and the others are really from the #1 Magic Knights squad, which Asta says that he guess's. Klaus says that they came to ask for Yami's assistance but cannot with the situation that Yami is in. Mimosa explains that this mission is a request from the Magic Emperor, for the Black Bulls and Golden Dawn to work together. Asta wonder if their squad has finally been recognized, but Klaus says that there are no other squad available. Vanessa says that it must be a pretty serious mission for them to need Captain Yami.

Klaus explains to them that there have been sudden disappearances of Magic Knights in the kingdom, and that there are some Magic Knights that have been put in critical injuries. Klaus says that they have started to investigate, and that the mana trances they have sensed has led them to Dungeon of Lava within the Grand Magic Zone. As the others are shocked by this, Klaus explains how the dungeon has become more suspicious recently. Klaus also says that they suspect a female mage named Karna, as the one behind what is happening with the Magic Knights. Klaus then says that Magic Knights have been sent in the dungeon, but they have lost contact with them. Klaus also says that they have reason that the Eye of the Midnight Sun is her accomplices.

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