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The Person Named Karna 「カルナという者 Karuna toiu Mono」 is the 4th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


The Black Bulls check the library for anything that can help with Yami's condition, but all they have are records of magic tools from long ago. Yami tells them that they do not need to go out of their way, and that his body will turn back to normal eventually. Asta assures him that it's not a problem and to leave it to them. Yami ponders his situation: about how he's really 28 years old and was de-aged by Trap Magic. He's still in disbelief that he's such an old geezer, which floors everyone.

Yami then wonders about his memories about Karna. Magna asks who Karna is, and Luck asks if she's strong. Yami explains that Karna is a friend of his, and that they used to steal food and things together. Vanessa comments that she once heard Yami mention being in a group of bandits. Current Yami claims that they were not bandits, they'd just borrow things they needed. Noelle points out that that is what a bandit is.

Yami continues explaining that one day they snuck into a noble's home where Karna found a necklace in one of the rooms. After putting the necklace on, Karna began to act strangely. Karna then walked away and Yami followed her, eventually ending up at the dungeon where he was found by the Black Bulls. Yami becomes frustrated that he cannot remember anything that happened after that. Finral and Noelle wonder about Yami's lost memories and if Karna is somehow responsible. Vanessa feels that there's something off about the situation and wonders about the necklace that Karna put on. Yami says it does not matter whether his memories are real or fake because he's still himself, which Magna compliments him on. Yami says that while he believes that the Black Bulls are his current friends, he still has to search for his past friend Karna. Yami explains that Karna has nothing and no one, and that it's up to him to do something about it. Asta says that the Black Bulls will help, which Yami accepts.

As the Black Bulls leave the base, Yuno creates a Towering Tornado in front of the entrance, but Asta and Yami quickly destroy it. Asta asks if Yuno always has to make that kind of entrance, and sees that Yuno is accompanied by Mimosa and Klaus. Finral and Noelle are shocked to see the Golden Dawn at their base. While Klaus scolds Yuno for overdoing his entrance, Mimosa asks how everyone is doing. Asta happily greets the three, but Yami wonders who the three of them are. Likewise, Klaus wonders who Yami is. After listening to their explanation, Klaus shouts that there's no way that Yami can be a captain looking like that. Yami asks if Klaus and the others are really from the #1 Magic Knights squad. Asta hesitatingly says they are.

Klaus explains that they came to ask for Yami's assistance. Mimosa adds that this Black Bulls-Golden Dawn joint mission is a request from the Wizard King himself. Asta wonders if their squad has finally been recognized, but Klaus says that there were no other squads available. Vanessa comments that it must be serious if they need Captain Yami. Klaus reveals that there has been a sudden disappearance of Magic Knights, and that some Magic Knights have been critically injured by mysterious assailants. Investigations have begun on the matter, and tracking the mana of the vanished has led them to Dungeon of Lava within the Grand Magic Zone. Furthermore, the mana of that area has been peculiar recently. Klaus also says they suspect a female mage as the culprit behind the recent events. To Yami's shock, the suspect's name is Karna. Klaus then says that Magic Knights have been sent to the dungeon, but they lost contact with them. To make matters worse, they also have reason to believe that Karna is working with the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

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