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Sin for Sin 「罪には罪を Tsumi ni wa Tsumi o」 is the 49th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta excitedly says that he will land a blow on Licht, but Yami Sukehiro kicks Asta and says that he takes it back. Yami continues to say that he is going to show Licht the power of a Magic Knight captain and that Asta needs to finish his fight with Valtos.[1]

Yami wonders how long it has been since he went all out and charges at Licht while releasing his mana. Yami attacks but Licht dodges and counters. Yami counters by releasing a slash that absorbs Licht's spell. Yami then asks to hear to rest of the story that Licht told earlier and also asks why Licht wants to destroy the Clover Kingdom. Licht then tells Yami about how warped the kingdom is and how the Eye of the Midnight Sun is going to correct the kingdom.[2]

Asta is amazed by Yami and Licht's fight, and wonders if he can surpass these guys. Yami counters one of Valtos' Magic Bullets and tells Asta to get his act together and deal with Valtos in his own style. Asta then charges at Valtos, but Valtos counters by sending a barrage of magic bullets at Asta. Asta tries to counter but is still hit by one of the spells. Valtos continues to send a barrage of spells, which Asta tries to counters and wounds what to do. Asta then throws away his weapons, and Valtos decides to finish Asta off. Before Valtos can launch his spell, Asta jumps through one of the portals and punches Valtos in the face.[3]

Yami compliments Asta on punching Valtos, which Licht uses as a chance to attack. Yami uses Black Hole to stop Licht and his attack, and then wounds Licht with Dark Cloaked Black Blade.[4]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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