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Ki 「氣」 is the 48th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Yami Sukehiro tells Asta that he is going to do the same that he has been doing, and Asta freaks out. Valtos thinks about how Yami was able to counter Licht and wonders how strong the Black Bull's captain is. Licht then uses Healing Magic to heal his wound. Asta says that Licht can use recovery magic, but Yami tells him to get into position. Asta says that he cannot do what Yami is doing, but Yami tells Asta that he will be copying Yami's defensive style. Yami then tells Asta about ki and how he is using that to sense how the enemy is going to move.[1]

Valtos is angry about how Yami is talking to Asta all the while countering Licht's spells. Valtos asks if he can help Licht, which Licht tells him to capture Asta. Valtos uses a spell to attack Asta from behind but Yami blocks it. Yami tells Asta to practice on Valtos but Asta replies that he cannot pull it off on the fly. Yami tells Asta about a saying from his home country and that its time for Asta to surpass his limits. Asta then tries to counter one of Valtos's spells, but misses and gets hurt. Yami kicks Asta and says that Asta needs to use all five of his senses in order to use ki. Asta then concentrates and manages to counters Valtos's spell and hit Valtos.[2]

Angered, Licht uses Bright Judgment Whip not only to attack Yami and Asta but also to destroy the surrounding area. Licht then comments about how weak Asta and Yami were, while Valtos compliments about how powerful Licht is. Yami and Asta both pop out of the rubble, which shocks Valtos. Yami then tells Asta that they are going to step is up a notices by having Asta land a blow on Licht, which Asta says that he feels like he can actually do it.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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