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Light Magic vs. Dark Magic 「光魔法VSバーサス闇魔法 Hikari Mahō Bāsasu Yami Mahō」 is the 47th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta asks why captain Yami is here, which Yami says that he came because Noelle contacted headquarters about the situation and about why he only brought Finral because the others were drunk. Finral notices Licht and thinks about how much mana Licht has and how Licht's Light magic is extremely rare.[1] Valtos then asks Licht if he should bring more allies but Licht declines the offer. Asta then asks Finral to take the injured and children to go get some help, which Finral opens a gate to safety. While evacuating Yami tells Finral to return to get him and then blocks an attack make by Licht.[2]

Asta is impressed about Yami blocking the attack and the weapon Yami is using. Yami tells Asta to be quiet and tells asks that the sword he is wielding is a katana. Licht then attacks again but Yami easily counters all the spells. Lichts thinks about how Yami is using magic and appears behind Yami to catch him off guard. Licht attacks, but Yami easily counters.[3]

Yami then asks who Licht is, which Lichts tells him that story of a town of extreme magic user and how they were killed because people wanted their magic. Yami asks why he told him that story and then tells Lichts about how he got to this kingdom and became the captain of the Black Bulls.[4] Valtos yells at Yami for insulting Licht, which Yami replies by tells Valtos to shut up and even why Valtos has lines on his face.

Yami then counters another one of Licht's spells, but some of the spells got through and cuts his shoulder. Licht's then attacks some more, which Yami counters it. Yami asks if Licht if the one who attacked Fuegoleon, which Licht says that he did. Lichts also says that he had Fuegoleon fall into a trap, which Yami says that that was the only way that Licht could have beaten Fuegoleon. Yami then launches a spell that cuts Licht's face.[5] Yami then tells Licht that he is going to show him the true power of a Magic Knight captain. Yami also tells Asta that Asta is going to do the same as he was doing.[6]



Magic and Spell used[]

Magic Spells


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