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The Man Who Cuts Death 「死をカット男 shiwo katto otoko」is the 46th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Everyone is cheering as Asta and Gauche have defeated Sally and Baro. Theresia thinks about how the next generation is growing beautifully but notices that Baro is not completely defeated. Theresia warns Asta at the last second, but Neige freezes Baro and rescues Asta. Neige then says that he will make those who turned his brother into a monster while also remembering when his brother was be nice to him. Neige then tells Asta that he is going to turn himself into the Magic Knights, and asks if Asta would be his friend once he gets out which Asta agrees too.

Neige and Gauche are then suddenly wounded by a light spell. They notice that more enemies have arrived, which Theresia quickly creates a shield to protect everyone. Theresia is then easily defeated, which she asks Asta to protect the children. The enemy then introduces themself as the leader of the White Night Eye, Licht. Asta notices that not only does Licht has his ally Sally but he also has a grimoire with a four leaf clover just like Yuno. Licht then apologizes to Sally for the injures that she has, and then begins to explain why the are planning to destroy the kingdom.

Asta then yells at Licht for attacking them, which Licht attacks Asta and asks why Asta has that grimoire. Asta tries to block Licht's attacks but Licht appears behinds Asta saying that he is going to take that grimoire back. Licht then attacks Asta, but Black Bulls captain Yami Sukehiro appears and blocks the attack. Asta asks why he is their, which Yami says that he is lost and wants directions on how to get back.


  • Asta, Gauche Adley, and Theresia vs. Sally and Baro


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