Explosion of Malice 「凶気暴乱 Kyōki Bōran」 is the 43rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Sally says that she came because she received a signal, and Theresa Rapual realizes that she is one of the terrorists that attacked the castle. Asta warns Gauche of Sally.[1]

Sally attacks them, deflects Gauche's attacks, and lashes at Asta, who cannot stop her and is taken down. Sally licks Asta and wonders what makes him so unique saying she will inspect his body to find out, biting his neck and testing his blood, but she gets no result.[2] When she tries to experiment further, she is attacked by Theresa. Asta compliments her, and Theresa reveals that she was once a Magic Knight, known as Crimson She-Leopard, much to Asta's surprise. He wonders if she knows Fuegoleon Vermillion, which she confirms true because she used to be his instructor. She also knows about his current condition which encourages her to capture Sally.[3]

Sally is now outnumbered and in disadvantage but Baro calls out to her saying he can support her with his Mud Magic if she heals him and gives him money. However, he is actually planning to escape. Sally makes sure that he is certain about it, and pulls out a huge syringe and injects it into Baro's body, which causes his magic to increase. He turns into a huge mud monster; Sally has actually performed an experiment on Baro that has failed miserably.[4]

Theresa and Asta attempt to protect the children while Gauche takes Marie Adlai and runs away, much to Asta's frustration. Asta is attacked by the mud monster and Sally runs to him saying she will take him with her this time.[5]



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