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Pursuit over the Snow 「雪上の追跡 Setsujō no Tsuigeki」 is the 40th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

Marie has been kidnapped and Gauche will stop at nothing to bring her back. Will he able to save his little sister alone or Asta's assistance would be vital for the mission's success?


Rebecca Scarlet comes to Asta and informs him about her siblings' disappearance. Subsequently, the whole town's citizens start waking up and realize that their children are gone. Noelle Silva then comes along as she questions the sudden change of weather and reveals that she saw children leave the town towards the mountain area. Afterwards, the Sisters from the church approach them and Theresa Rapual informs them that a spell has been cast, which caused the weather to change and controlled the children.[1]

The moment Gauche Adlai learns that Marie Adlai was also kidnapped, the Black Bull Knight quits his attempt to kill his junior and confronts Theresa, who was supposed to take care of her. Fortunately, Asta manages to prevent his senior from harming an elderly woman and forces Gauche to calm down by hitting him. Subsequently, after he threatens to kill Asta in a calm manner, Gauche remembers about the mirror that he gave to Marie and could use to trace her location. After convincing Rebecca of her siblings' safety, Asta leaves with Gauche and Theresa. Noelle tries to come with them, but Gauche orders her to stay.[2]

Inside the enemy's hideout, within the mountain range, Neige tries to befriend the children whom he controlled with his spell. The mage then realizes that Marie is no longer under his control. He quickly slaps Marie when she argues about his view of friendship. At that moment, Baro apprehends him for his behavior. He then uses his magic tool to measure the children's magic power and finds Marco Scarlet, Rebecca's little brother, to have inadequate magic power and quickly throws him out. He then begins his preparation to extract the children's magic power as Gauche, Asta, and Theresa are coming to rescue them.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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