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Bull Brawl 「暴牛の喧嘩 Bōgyū no Kenka」 is the third chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


At the Black Bull base, Magna Swing announces that he will make sure everything is in tip top shape for when Yami Sukehiro returns. Magna asks if everyone agrees, but everyone ignores him. Vanessa Enoteca tells Magna to pipe down and that he does not have to take charge since Yami will be back soon. Gauche Adlai says that he does not care as long as he gets to see his younger sister Marie Adlai. Grey simply groans, and Charmy Pappitson continues eating. Magna calls them a bunch of lazy bums. He asks Gordon Agrippa a question, but Magna cannot understand Gordon's mumbling. Luck Voltia kicks Magna and says that fighting would be more fun. Magna says that he will wipe the floor with him.

Suddenly, Finral Roulacase, Noelle Silva, and Asta drop in through a portal. The other Black Bulls bombard them with questions, but a tied-up Yami's shouts about Karna's whereabouts cuts through the noise. Magna wonders who the kid is, and Luck notes that the kid looks like their captain. Asta confirms that the kid is their captain, which stuns everyone.

After explaining everything, Magna remains in disbelief. Vanessa tells Yami that lying is not nice. Yami comments that she smells of booze and tells her to get away from him. Asta complains about the difficulty of bringing Yami back to the base. However, Magna explains that Yami is a man he respects above all others, so he cannot believe that Yami turned into a kid. Angered, Yami asks if Magna is looking for a fight. Magna notices that the threatening pressure is the same as Yami's.

Despite recognizing this similarity, Magna refuses to accept the situation because Yami was the squad's motivator and role model. He throws an Exploding Fireball at Yami, blasting Yami out the front door. Asta asks what Magna's doing, but Magna explains that if that kid is really Captain Yami, then he should have been able to dodge his spell. Yami approaches Magna, pulling his charred bindings off with one hand, and wielding his sword with darkness pouring from it in the other. Vanessa asks the others who they think is going to win. They all give the same answer: their captain. Finral comments that it's not much of a bet if they all vote for the captain.

Asta tells Magna that there's no sense in fighting among themselves. Although Magna agrees, he refuses to back down as a man. Magna throws another Exploding Fireball, but Asta leaps forward refusing to let them hurt each other. Asta blocks the fireball and sends it back at Magna. Magna realizes that he will not be able to dispel the fireball in time, but Yami jumps in and deflects the spell towards the sky. Yami says that even though he does not get it, he acknowledges that they are friends. And Yami has vowed to himself to always protect his friends. He then compliments Magna's magic and says they should fight again later. Reminded of his old captain, Magna cries and holds Yami. Luck tells Yami that they should fight next, and Vanessa comments that young Yami is cute.

Finral wonders what happened to Yami in the dungeon and worries if they have gotten in over their heads. Nonetheless, he suggests that they should all work together to get their captain back to normal. Yami, still trying to pry Magna off of him, asks if he can kill Magna for being a pain. Everyone says it's fine, much to Magna's shock.

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