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The Mirror Mage 「鏡の魔道士 Kagami no Madōshi」 is the 39th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

It is Marie's birthday and Gauche is very excited about it. However, when he comes to visit her, the Black Bull mage finds her bonding with Asta. Will this cause a rift between these two Knights who are supposed to be comrades?


After Gauche Adlai is finished defeating a group of bandits, he shares with them about his little sister's birthday. The notion of visiting his sister brings so much joy to him and causes the Black Bull mage to bleed from his nose. Afterwards, Gauche travels to Nairn, the city where his sister is living, with bags full of toys However, to his dismay, the former prisoner finds Marie playing with one of his juniors, Asta.[1]

Gauche immediately confronts Asta, who finds no qualm in his act. Subsequently, Marie asks her older brother to stop hurting her future husband, which quickly breaks Gauche's heart and body to pieces. The turn of event prompts the Black Bull mage to kill his junior, until Sister Theresa, who is in charge of Marie's well-being, arrives to take her back to the church. After a series of arguments between Gauche and Theresa, Marie leaves with the Sister as Gauche is unable to stop them. The two Black Bull Knights decide to spend the night at Rebecca Scarlet's house after she offers.[2]

At night, while Asta is fast asleep, Gauche enters the young Knight's room and prepares to kill him. Fortunately, Asta manages to avoid the first attack unconsciously, which leads to a stalemate where the Black Bull mage tries to parry all of his senior's attacks. However, when Gauche creates a clone of himself, Asta is pushed outside where he finds the town is covered with snow. As Gauche is still determined to kill him, Rebecca comes to Asta and informs him that her siblings are missing.[3]



Magic and Spells used[]

Magic Spells


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