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The One Set in My Heart 「心に決めた人 Kokoro ni Kimeta Hito」 is the 38th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.

A blind date between the Black Bull members and three beautiful ladies is underway. Will Asta finally meet his one true love or the sister is still firmly set in his heart?


Finral Roulacase invites Luck Voltia and Asta to a blind date in a restaurant where they meet three beautiful ladies. Finral takes the initiative and introduces himself, which manages to grab the ladies' interests. Unfortunately, Luck's and Asta's introductions quickly dissipate those interests. In the meanwhile, Noelle Silva decides to observe the date by applying to work as a waitress in the restaurant. She then accidentally notices Sekke Bronzazza who is on his own blind date with his friends, Aphro and Phati.[1]

As the tension between them wanes, Finral and Luck are able to actively converse with Erica and Ellen. However, Asta is stuck in silence as Rebecca Scarlet shows no interest in him. The young Knight then tries to strike up a conversation, and Rebecca finally reveals that she should have stayed home and taken care of her siblings. Asta then tells his own story with his foster siblings, which attracts her as they find a common interest.[2]

Not long after, a burly man suddenly interrupts their date and begins to insult Rebecca. Asta immediately puts the man in his place, which prompts Rebecca to take him out of the restaurant. Subsequently, Noelle quickly sends her resignation and follows them. At an alley, while Noelle observes them from afar, Rebecca asks if Asta has anyone of romantic interest. The young Knight then enthusiastically confirms it, although he refrains from revealing her identity. It prompts Noelle to come into a conclusion that she is the one in Asta's mind, while he has Sister Lily in mind. On the other hand, the blind date ends in a failure as Finral is rejected, yet again.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

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