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Heated? Fight 「熱き? 戦い Atsuki? Tatakai」 is the 37th chapter of Tashiro Yumiya's Black Clover Side-Story: Quartet Knights.


As the cooking contest begins, Nozel Silva thinks about how the winning team get their wish granted by the Wizard King. Nozel thinks about how he cannot lose since he will be able to make more progress for his squad. Charlotte Roselei thinks about how she will have Yami Sukehiro join her squad, while Jack the Ripper says that he just wants to slice things up. Charlotte then thinks about how Magic Knight captains do not cook or serve, but they do not want to lose and this will give them strength. Motivated, the captains quickly started to pick ingredients. Nozel decides to compensate for his lack of experience with his senses, and makes a dish to reproduce every taste he has experienced. Charlotte thinks about how they say the path to the heart is through the stomach and that she will not prepare some crap. Jack thinks about how his blades change according to the things he cuts, and that he will cut things up into its finest state. The captains then prepare their food different ways and think about how their food will be the best. The captains think about how they will make something delicious, and then present their food to Julius Novachrono. Finral Roulacase, Klaus Lunettes, and Luck Voltia are amazed at how tasty the food looks. Julius and Charmy Pappitson taste the food and comment that their senses of cooking are outstanding. As Noelle Silva thinks about her brother, Nozel comments about how he will not lose.

Vanessa Enoteca tells Noelle not to worry. since the captain might be amazing, and adds that the most important thing for cooking is love and that is what they will use to give depth to their cooking. Vanessa also says that they will create something that only they can make and victory will be theirs. Noelle thinks about how she does not understand love that much, but she somehow wants her cooking to be eaten by people about whom she cares, like everyone in the Black Bulls. Noelle then thinks about how she wants them to taste how she cooks and will do her best. Noelle, Vanessa, and Mimosa then produce a dish that showcases their love. Noelle comments about how they cannot cook complicated stuff but they have put their hearts into it. Tasting the dish, Julius comments about how he can feel the kindness in their dish and that the dish has moved him from the bottom of his heart, and thanks them for the food.

Julius then comments about how this was the original aim for the competition, since the essence of cooking and war is the same and to channel greater power out of themselves. Charmy says that everyone is going beyond with all their hearts, and that she wishes the same for tomorrow during the attack of the Royal Capital. The others are shocked about how this was the aim of the competition and wonders if they can still get their wish granted. Julius assures them as long as it is anything within the realm of his power. The others wonder who won.

Asta, Yuno, and Yami think about how they were forgotten. Asta says that they have not prepared anything, and Luck says that it is alright that they do not prepare something. Asta says that they can do it, but Yuno says that Asta is being loud. The three then quickly make a dish. Julius is shocked by how it looks and, after taking a bite of the food, falls over. Everyone worries about the Wizard King and wonders if they put poison in their dish, but Asta says that they cooked it with all their power. The competition is now voided, since Julius has to be taken to get medical attention. Charmy tries the dish and compliments its tastiness.


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