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Indestructible Souls 「不滅の魂 Fumetsu no Tamashī」 is the 371st Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The last of the Crimson Lions sacrifice themselves to keep Mereoleona alive in her battle against the paladin Moris, who sadistically asks if that was the last of them. He tells Mereleona that he will show her some real living shields and then casts a new spell with his second magic attribute: Earth Magic: March of Holy Fools, summoning an army of humanoid earthly puppets to attack her.

Mereoleona attempts to incinerate the army but they instantly regenerate from her attacks. Moris laughs at her and explains that the dimmer people are, the more they will try to preach ethics, and the more they rot away and that they are better off as research material for his studies for them to have a meaningful life. He continues that no amount of them enable him overcome the world's natural laws until Lucius chose him and gave him new magic that allowed him to tap into his full potential in being able not only to destroy but create life as well. Moris's army begins to overwhelm Mereoleona, whose physical body begins to destabilize as she becomes too close to mana. Moris taunts her for reaching her human limit and tells her to join him and Lucius in surpassing natural laws and making a better world.

In her teenage years, Mereoleona asked other Magic Knights to train with her but they refused out of fear of not keeping up with her. She decided that since no human wanted to train with her, she could get stronger by training in harsh Grand Magic Zones. This training showed her the limits of humanity, and her fights against devils and a demon helped her almost overcome those limits. However, she realizes that she cannot continue by herself. She then recalls the Crimson Lions begging her to train them because they wished for a chance to match her strength.

After defeating several Guardian Angels with Salamander, Fuegoleon arrives to assist Mereoloena and incinerates Moris's soldiers. Fuegoleon apologizes for making her wait, but Mereoleona counters that she was not. She declares that she is always surpassing her limits as a new spell appears in her grimoire: her Ultimate Magic, Exercitus Leonum. As her body begins to burn brighter, fire spreads along the cracks in the ground and engulfs the bodies of her fallen squad members. The Crimson Lions rise up in fiery forms and are confused about their ressurection, but Mereoleona simply tells them that even in death, they do not get to take it easy and they still have to follow her. The Crimson Lions fight Moris's earth army while Mereoleona charges at Moris again.

Moris attempts to dismantle Mereoleona's body but it is ineffective since her body has completely become mana. In angry disbelief, Moris shouts that no human should be capable of surpassing natural laws, but Mereoleona rejects him, stating her fellow comrades taught her the ideal shape of the human soul. Her attacks overwhelm Moris's regeneration abilities, and he cries out that he was chosen by God. Mereoleona shouts back that she does not care about his God and that all he did was further their evolution. Mereoleona continues punching him and destroys most of his body.


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