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A United Front 「共闘戦線 Kyōtō Sensen」 is the 369th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover. It is the first chapter to be published in Shonen Jump GIGA.


Asta joins the battle against Lucius Zogratis and his forces and assists Yuno against battling two of Lucius's clones. Asta states that it is now a two-on-two battle after which Lucius corrects him and states that it is a four-on-two battle as two more of his clones attack the duo. Lucius tells Asta that while Asta might have returned alive, Lucius still has the advantage in the battle as he still has several dozen more Guardian Angels, three Paladins, and 11 of his clones left.[1]

Earlier in the Witches' Forest, Asta had imbued the other Black Bulls with some of his Anti Magic powers. Asta introduced Ichika as Yami's little sister from the Hino Country, much to the shock of the entire squad. Ichika explained that Asta had intertwined his Anti Magic power with their own magical properties to create pseudo Anti Magic. She added that their supply of Anti Magic power was not infinite and it would run out the faster they all use it, meaning that they might only have enough supply for one or two big attacks.[2]

Back in the Clover Kingdom, Luck uses Black Lightning Battle Fiend to tear through and defeat several Guardian Angels at once. A Lucius clone notices that the angels' numbers dropped so quickly and that Luck is coated in Anti Magic, stating that it might be troublesome. Suddenly, Magna ambushes the clone from behind with one of his fireballs. Lucius attempts to evade it but Magna shouts that his spell is attracted to large magic pools and that Lucius will not be able to avoid it. Once the fireball connects, Magna uses Soul Chain Tag Deathmatch to connect himself and Luck with Lucius and a Guardian Angel, splitting their combined magic power evenly among all four. Magna and Luck immediately dispose of the Guardian Angel and begin to attack Lucius. The duo trade blows with Lucius who realizes that their Anti Magic power is negating his regeneration but notes that their power is finite, so he plans to outlast them.

Continuing their assault on Lucius, Magna and Luck think to themselves that as long as they are with each other, they will never slow down and will always attack with full power. After expending half of their Anti Magic power each, they combine their remaining power into one massive attack spell: Black Flame Black Lightning Explosive Cannon. The attack defeats the Lucius clone, disintegrating most of its body, and depletes Magna and Luck of their Anti Magic power. As Magna and Luck bump fists in victory, Asta asks Lucius's clones which side has the advantage now.[3]


Magic and Spells used[]

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