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Headliner 「真打 Shin'uchi」 is the 366th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Ryuya Ryudo tells Asta that the Black Bulls are about to arrive. Asta thanks everyone for their help, including Ichika and Yosuga when Finral appears through a portal accompanied by Rouge. Asta happily greets Finral who reaches his hand out to him. Ryuya asks Finral if he can take one more person, to which Finral confirms he can, Ryuya then urges Finral to take Ichika as well, to which she is confused, she tries to excuse herself by needing to stay and protect the Shogun, but Yosuga reassures her that he can take care of Ryuya, Ryuya then tells Ichika to go see Yami Sukehiro again and to come back to the Hino Country alive. Ryuya and the others wish Asta and Ichika good luck against Lucius Zogratis as the two depart with Finral through the portal.

In the Witches' Forest, Asta finds that all the Black Bulls have been defeated and are heavily injured. Asta then uses his Demon-Destroyer Sword to remove Damnatio's magic from the area and from the Bulls. After Finral teleports the Bulls to himself, Asta tells Finral to provide medical attention to them while he takes down Damnatio by himself, stating that he is through getting defeated. Damnatio notes to himself that his Scale Magic is useless against Asta who has no magic so he attempts to use his Atmosphere Magic on Asta but Asta uses the Destroyer to create a barrier and nullifies the Atmosphere Magic around himself. Damnatio is shocked that Asta was able to cancel his Atmosphere Magic out and Finral notices that Asta has better control of his Anti Magic than he had before.

Damnatio thinks to himself that even without any of his magic, there is no way he can lose against Asta, even in a fight of physical strength or swordsmanship. He charges at Asta with his sword, calling him a threat to Lucius's peaceful order and justice. Asta rejects Damnatio's words of justice and peace and instantly lands a Zetten counterattack with his Demon-Slasher Katana, breaking Damnatio's sword and slashing him diagonally.


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