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Do or Die 「決死 Kesshi」 is the 364th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The Witch Queen tells the Black Bulls that if nothing is done, the world will end. Nacht adds that since Lucius had to get rid of Asta before the conflict began, that Asta must be a threat to him. He tells the rest of his squad that they must buy time for the Doors of Fate ritual to succeed and to defend it with their lives.

The Black Bulls charge into battle against Damnatio and the guardian angels. Gordon helps Henry use his magic absorption to siphon Damnatio's magic and neutralize his scales. Damnatio unsheathes a sword that completely destroys the Black Bulls hideout but Gordon and Henry, aided by Grey, persist and continue to absorb his magic power.

Nacht leads the rest of the Black Bulls in attacking the guardian angels defending Damnatio. Nacht spreads clones of himself across the battlefield while Magna and Luck, aided by Grey, attack the guardian angels. Zora and Nacht manage to reach Damnatio who slices through them with his sword only for their injuries to be instantly restored by Grey. Damnatio realizes that the Black Bulls are using a suicide charge strategy to hold out for time, that Grey is the one who is restoring their injuries and that Gauche is the one creating more copies of Grey to support the entire team. Damnatio finds Grey disguised as a Sheep Cook and as Damnatio is about to slash her with his sword, Gauche uses Mirrors Shift to push Grey out of the attack, The attack unfortunately cuts through them both, ending the Black Bulls’ support and mortally wounding the two mages.

Damnatio declares that the battle is over and destroys all their spells. In Hino, Asta panics and asks Ryuya Ryudo what is going on but he does not respond. Secre spreads her sealing magic runes throughout the battlefield, sealing everyone's wounds. Though all the Black Bulls are heavily injured, they refuse to give up against Damnatio.


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