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Transmission 「伝播 Denpa」 is the 362nd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Augustus Kira Clover XIII panics at the chaos and demands that everyone else protects him. Kaiser Granvorka is punched in the face by a Lucius clone, sending the captain flying through a building. The civilians are in shock as they see Lucius's face and believe that Julius himself is leading the attack. The civilians look on hopelessly as the land is destroyed around them when suddenly a transmission from Marx Francois appears who tells the populace not to panic and that Julius's body has been taken over by the enemy. He tells the civilians that while the enemy is powerful, the Magic Knights are still fighting and then broadcasts footage of Yuno defeating Lucius. Mimosa Vermillion, who is using her magic to heal the injured Magic Knights, begins speaking and names Yuno as the one who has already defeated the Wizard King. She continues on about how Yuno has been growing stronger ever since he joined the Golden Dawn and that he is leading the Magic Knights who have not given up fighting.

Mimosa announces that while there have been several injuries from the Magic Knights, no civilians have been seriously wounded yet. She urges the civilians to use their remaining magic power to run away and save themselves. Mimosa is reminded of Asta and tells everyone not to give up yet. Sekke Bronzazza tells the civilians to make a run for it as he defends them from a guardian angel with his Super Sekke Magnum Cannon Ball, only for his spell to be shattered by a single attack that knocks him to the ground. Sekke picks himself back up and states he is not done yet. Lucius tells Yuno that no matter how hard they struggle, things will end the same way but Yuno tells him not to count on that.

Asta asks Ryuya where the Black Bulls are and Ryuya sees on the other end that the Black Bulls have run into an issue. Back in the Witches' Forest, the ritual to activate the Door of Fate is interrupted by the arrival of Damnatio Kira, who has become a paladin and is there to stop the Black Bulls from retrieving Asta.


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