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Unreadable World 「見えない世界 Mienai Sekai」 is the 360th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Noelle Silva fires her Sea Dragon’s Roar spell against Acier Silva, who gracefully dodges the attack. Acier then shouts at Noelle as they both prepare to meet each other in battle.

Elsewhere on the battlefield, Yuno is knocked back into a building after blocking a punch from Lucius. Yuno uses his Star Magic to recover and Lucius notes that the agility Yuno is gaining from his Star and Wind Magic is letting him keep up with his speed and predictions. Lucius however, still manages to catch an attack from Yuno and swings him into another building. Lucius declares that it's over and prepares to touch Yuno only to be blocked by Yuno's Spirit of Notos spell, a shield made of wind that repel's Lucius's attack.

Lucius is surprised by Yuno's spell, allowing Yuno to speed up and land a cut on his shoulder. Lucius begins to think to himself that this version of Yuno should not be this powerful. In the potential futures that he saw, the most powerful version of Yuno existed in a timeline where the Spade Kingdom Rebellion never happened and Yuno was able to grow up and accumulate his power but even that Yuno needed several years to master Star Magic. But this current version of Yuno that he's fighting is even stronger than that. Lucius also notes that Noelle should not be the strongest Silva member, that Mereoleona should have fallen to Moris already, that Fuegoleon should've been dead long before the battle and that the Magic Knights should have already been wiped out.

As Yuno charges at Lucius, Lucius questions what has changed in this timeline that his predictions are no longer accurate. Yuno thinks to himself about all the times that Asta was the one to land the final blow and how he used his frustrations to become stronger. Lucius realizes that he cannot read the future of this world because it's a world that Asta has influenced so significantly. As Lucius is distracted, Yuno lands a decisive blow and slashes Lucius's chest, declaring that he will defeat anyone that he's up against.


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