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The Dancing Princess of the Battlefield Returns 「戦場の舞姫再び Senjō no Maihime Futatabi」 is the 359th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Acier Silva stabs her lance through Nozel's stomach and tells him that this is as far as he goes. She chastises the rest of the Silver Eagles and looks down on Solid and Nebra for not being able to become stronger. Nebra cries out at Nozel and says that she does not want to fight her own mother. Solid thinks to himself about how he trained desperately to become stronger and how his pride was destroyed but yet it wasn't enough in the end. Acier tells her children to come and be reborn with her in Lucius's new world. Suddenly, Noelle arrives to her siblings' rescue and tells her brother to pull himself together. Acier greets her daughter and tells her that they will always be together after they are reborn. Noelle rebuffs Acier, stating that while she didn't know her mother for long, the Acier Silva before her is not her and that she is the one that they must all defeat.

A flashback shows Noelle near the seashore mourning over the death of Asta. She thinks to herself about how even though she can't use saint stage anymore, she still trained to become stronger only for it to mean nothing against Lucius. Still, Noelle refuses to believe that Asta is dead and vows to get stronger and protect the kingdom in his absence. She is then met by Kahono who brings her down to the Underwater Temple. There, Noelle is brought before the Leviathan, the giant Sea God worshipped by the people of the Underwater Temple. Kahono explains of a prophecy stating that when the world is near it's end, the Sea God will awaken to help but that the Sea God needs a strong partner to unite with.

In the present, Kahono and Kiato arrive to provide aid to Nozel and to cheer Noelle on. Noelle unites with the Leviathan and unveils her new Valkyrie Armor: Dragon Form. Noelle declares that she will surpass her mother while Acier expresses how proud she is of her.


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