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Flame Burial 「炎葬 Ensō」 is the 358th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


The Crimson Lions watch on as Moris’s magic disintegrates one of Mereoleona's arms. Mereoleona then immediately activates her Hellfire Incarnate form and regrows the destroyed arm, using it to incinerate several of Moris's tentacles. Moris expresses fascination at her new form, stating that he's never seen a body so close to mana before. He then goes on to explain that the new body that Lucius gave him allows him to breakdown anything he touches using Operation Dismantle, demonstrating this by disintegrating part of Yuno’s Neverland spell. He states that while Mereoleona can counter his tentacles and instantly regrow new fists from mana, his regeneration and Operation Dismantling are much faster and tells her that her body will not be able to keep up for long.

Other Crimson Lions also attempt to warn Mereoleona that she cannot keep up her attacks for long but she ignores their cries and states that she wants to hit him. Nearby, Fuegoleon and Salamander fight desperately to defend a group of civilians from guardian angels when Fuegoleon notices his sister and her battle with Moris. The rest of the Crimson Lions look on helplessly and wonder if there's anything they can do. As Moris’s tentacles are about to make contact with Mereoleona, two of her comrades jump in front of her to protect her and sacrifice themselves in the process, much to her shock.

Mereoleona retaliates against Morris, incinerating several more of his tentacles and cremating the remains of the Crimsion Lions who shielded her. Moris taunts her for her actions as several more of the Crimson Lions sacrifice themselves to shield Mereoleona and allow her to continue her assault. Fuegoleon observes that Moris has a limit as to how quickly he can regenerate and dismantle and that's why Mereoleona continues to challenge him.

Moris states that no matter how foolish they are, Lucius will recreate all of them equally but Mereoleona tells him to shut up and calls him a puppet. As her Hellfire Incarnate flames continue to grow in power, Mereoleona declares that the Crimson Lions will not submit to a nobody like him. She then unleashes a new spell: Calidos Brachium Purgatory: Flame Burial and swears that in tribute to her fallen comrades, she will burn Moris and herself to ashes.


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