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Banquet in Full Swing 「宴も酣 Enmo Takenawa」 is the 353rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


As the citizens of the Hino Country marvel at the clear skies, Shogun Ryuya Ryudo explains that it had been the five-headed dragon's magic power covering the islands and that the Anti Magic cleared it away. Ryuya thanks Asta for helping him accomplish his dream of showing the citizens the clear sky.

Asta is astonished to see Heath Graice's body there, and Ryuya explains that, as Lily Aquaria mentioned, Lucius Zogratis has the power to resurrect people but it is incomplete. When Asta asks if there is still no way to return to the Clover Kingdom, Ryuya mentions that the Black Bulls are working on that and suggests waiting and trusting them to succeed within the remaining three days until Judgment Day, with which Asta agrees.[1]

That night, Asta joined in the banquet in Goshu celebrating the five-headed dragon's defeat. The citizens cheered for Asta and the Ryuzen Seven. Asta is surprised to find them so cheerful since their homes were destroyed, but they were happy to be alive and planned to sell off the dragon's hide. Humito Mikuriya is fired up to try cooking with the dragon's meat and heads back to the kitchen after assuring Asta of Lily's safety. Meanwhile, Ichika Yami is sitting next to Ryuya and questions the Shogun if he had foreseen Asta defeating the dragon and clearing the sky, and Ryuya brushes off the question. She then mentions that she was the one, not her brother, who killed the Yami Clan, and Ryuya is quiet.

Asta has alcohol for the first time and is amazed by the feeling. Ichika approaches him and, while pouring him a drink, apologizes for her comments about his benefactor. The apology momentarily catches Asta by surprise, but then he drunkenly accepts it, so she leaves without sharing a drink with him. Daizaemon Ōoka and Komari Imari then accompany an Ocha-ami Doll as it brings Asta more alcohol. When Asta aks about all the Ocha-ami iconography, Komari explains that Ocha-ami is the goddess of meals who saved the Hino Country after a famine struck. Daizaemon and Komari both give thanks to Ocha-ami as they continue feasting.

Meanwhile, Jozou Hanegatsuji, who is not wearing his mask, is drunkenly depressed, so Komari tries to cheer him up and get him to eat. Yosuga Musyogatake then approaches Asta and asks to be introduced to a tough lady with Fire Magic from the Clover Kingdom, which makes Asta think of Mereoleona Vermillion. When Asta becomes queasy from the alcohol, Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku threatens him for not enjoying her drink. Ryuya suggests that Asta go soak in a hot spring, so Daizaemon grabs Asta and carries him off.

At the hot springs, Daizaemon hangs back to search for towels, while Asta undresses and hops in the water, where he happens upon Ichika also enjoying the bath. Asta instantly sobers up in fear for his life; however, Ichika is mortified and screams. Asta runs out of the water, and Daizaemon then remembers that the bath was reserved for women at that time.[2]

The next morning, Asta meets up with the Ryuzen Seven and apologizes to Ichika, who plans to hold him accountable for that. With three days left, the seven offer to continue training with Asta, which he happily accepts.[3]


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