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The Holy Woman's Confession 「聖女の懺悔 Seijo no Zange」 is the 350th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Asta holds onto Lily Aquaria as her wings dissipate, slowly and gently flying to the ground, he then watches as she fully reverts to normal, Lily apologizes for all the horrible things she's said to him and also thinks about things she's done to all the other people as a Paladin, Asta says he does not care about that, Lily then tells Asta why she became a nun, she saw the magic discrimination as a Noble and ran from home to work in a church, hoping that their views would be different and that equality could be reached someday, unfortunately she saw the same discrimination within the church itself, she tried praying for change but nothing worked and she eventually ran from that too, heading to the forsaken realm, she wanted to find people even she could help, eventually coming across the church in Hage village.

She contemplates that she wanted to just help people all her life, but now as a Paladin, she's conflicted on that belief, Ryuya Ryudo reassures her that even if she planned to kill Asta, she consequently saved him and he got stronger, saying she should rest her shoulders on the person she saved, even as a Paladin, this calms Lily down and she starts to tell Asta what Lucius Zogratis's true goal is.

There are three days left before Judgement Day and the final battle in the Clover Kingdom, Lucius is preparing himself for this day, combining the Dark Triad's Body Magic, Bone Magic and Blood Magic with Lucius's own Soul Magic to gain phenomenal power and to create Undying bodies from scratch, while also controlling existing human minds and their bodies, Lily states it as godlike magic.

On Judgement Day itself, Lucius plans to take full control of all the world's magic, this shocks Asta, Lily confirms that the Hino Country is no exception, showing Ryuya with a serious expression, Lily is ashamed at what she's done and apologizes constantly, saying how she helped Lucius, and nearly killed many people in Hino by reawakening the dragon, bringing misfortune on everyone, Asta denies this and says that it's not her fault and will make sure it will never be her fault, Lily thanks Asta one last time before falling into a coma, Asta is alarmed but Ryuya reassures him that she's just asleep but cannot wake up until Lucius is defeated, Ryuya orders Humito Mikuriya to heal Lily just in case, Asta asks Humito to take care of Lily, which Humito says leave it to him.

Asta tells Lily to wait as he swears he will bring down Lucius himself, but to start, he will take down this dragon first.

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