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Asta vs. Sister Lily 「アスタVSバーサスシスターリリー Asuta Bāsasu Shisutā Rirī」 is the 349th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Heath Graice watches as Asta incapacitates Yrul, remembering the time Asta got in his way and now he's in his way again, Yosuga Musyogatake stops Heath from advancing further, saying he will take him on and is doing it because he does not want anyone butting in on Asta and Lily Aquaria's reunion, meanwhile, Asta and Lily convene, Lily wonders how Asta is alive and in the Hino Country, Asta responds by saying the people of this nation saved him and thinks that Lily purposefully took him to Hino to save his life, which she denies, she was fully intent on killing him, despite being controlled, Asta does not believe for a second that she could ever kill him and Liebe or anyone else, Lily gets mad and states that she is not being controlled, firing Spatial Magic at Asta which he dodges, Lily then states that Asta being alive is a problem for the Paladins, she uses her Holy Fist of Love at Asta, he recollects her using it to stop his annoyances in the past.

Asta slashes the fist in half and heads for Lily, Lily thinks about the best ways to take Asta out, thinking that her Spatial magic will not work with him not immobile like last time, and her Sacred Mana Domination is useless against Anti Magic, she decides to attack with a stronger spell, this new spell is written in her grimoire as she complains why Asta did not just die back then, she uses her brand new spell, combined with her Water and Spacial magic called Sachiel's Flash.

Asta dodges this new attack, Lily then remembers Asta as a child and says that he must die for world peace, Asta says that he will never let Lily kill him, this makes Lily break down crying, saying that she wishes she did not have to kill him either, this makes Asta realize that the spell is only making them think they must do it cause of the overwhelming belief that Lucius Zogratis is right, Lily is still Lily, angering Asta, Lily further comments that he must die for the sake of the world's peace and that this is what Asta has always wanted, a world filled with happiness, she fires multiple Sachiel's Flash at Asta.

Asta dodges all her attacks as it destroys the nearby village, she then begs Asta to die as she continues to cry, Asta believes that there is no way Lucius is right, Asta will never forgive Lucius for what he's done to Lily,

Asta then flies towards Lily and slashes her in the chest, this makes her start to revert to a normal state, Asta then hopes that Lily can still return to the way she once was.

Magic and Spells used[]

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