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Determined 「覚悟 Kakugo」 is the 348th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Lily Aquaria is shocked and surprised that Asta is alive and why is he here in the Hino Country, Asta forces the illusion of Ichika Yami's father back, Asta and Liebe then talk about what they are fighting, assuming it's a relative of Ichika and some sort of illusion, Asta agrees, since there is no way Ichika would lose in a fair fight.

Yrul then comments on Humans having weak hearts, and weak skills too, Yrul then makes fun of Ichika shaking in fear, saying she was apparently one of the best warriors in Hino, and he's very disappointed with what he's seen from her, saying she's pathetic and watching her was painful, he then states that all Humans fear something, even Asta, the Bogeyman changes from Ichka's father to a copy of Asta, the copy is scared of staying weak and that he cannot improve further and cannot become the Wizard King, Yrul is surprised that Asta is scared of himself, but reassures him that he will set him free and that his Master will give him protection after his death.

Asta accepts that he did not see his weak self, denying that side of him all these years, the copy says he cannot reach to Yuno Grinberryall's level, Asta realizes that he's always been scared of his own weak self, Asta then slashes the copy of his weak self since he just got back from doing that from his training with Yosuga Musyogatake and Fujio Tenmanyashiki, Ichika is surprised at this, Yosuga appears behind her and says that Asta found his own answer, surprising her, Asta thinks that he does not have any talent and it's because of this that he must become stronger, to study, work hard and gain experience, do more than the geniuses that can already achieve this with ease, since he does not have talent, he has no time to hesitate, no time to be afraid, just get stronger, so he can win, protect and save others, if he loses then he just needs to get stronger than them, never lose to them again and keep on getting stronger, this is the kind of Wizard King Asta wants to be, and he's determined to become the strongest.

Yrul finally recognizes Asta as a tough opponent and readies himself for battle, he uses Holy Hunting for speed and ferocity, saying that a Human could never be a match for a Paladin or his Master, as he dodges and speeds up around Asta, Asta then prepares his strike, recollecting his time training with the Ryuzen Seven, Yrul states that if the attack hits Asta, he will die immediately, Asta then see's the pinpoint of Yrul's mana and attack and slashes his arm using Zetten.

Yrul then passes out and reverts to normal with his mana now drained from Asta's attack, Yosuga also comments on Asta only hitting the Mana of the Paladin, Yosuga comments on Asta being an idiot and overthinking things, it does not matter how powerful a Mage's spell is, all he needs to do is find the focal point of the spell's use the moment it's cast, after all, he uses Anti Magic, which erases magic.

Yosuga then comments on Asta, combined with Anti Magic and Zetten makes him win despite his opponents having the upper hand, because he now has the ultimate counterstrike, Asta looks at Lily and says he will save her right now.

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