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Truth in the Lie 「まやかしの中の真相 Mayakashi no Naka no Shinsō」 is the 347th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


After the Ryuzen Seven have slain the dragon, Ichika Yami remembers when Ryuya Ryudo stated that they would need Asta's help in the fight. Ichika boldly states that they do not need his strength and that the Ryuzen will settle this themselves, despite her using a lot of her yoryoku already.

Lily Aquaria teleports beside Ichika and asks if she will be able to evade hers and Heath Graice's next attack, the Endless Ice Fangs. The attack is inescapable and hits all of the Ryuzen and incapacitates them, only Ichika and Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku remain standing, despite being heavily injured. Ichika comments on the Paladins' magic power being extraordinary. Kezoukaku sees Yrul and heads over to fight him, but he uses his Beast Magic to create a Bogeyman, which creates his opponent's worst fear from their memories and manifests it in front of them. Kezoukaku is paralyzed with fear when it creates a frog. It then manifests in front of Ichika, creating her abusive father.

Despite scaring Ichika still, she decides to not let an illusion win against her, Ichika then recollects fragments of her past. Her father was bored of his life and wanted a war for the Yami Clan to bring back the golden days of the clan. He asked his son to assist in this endeavor and pulled out a "kikongan", the clan's secret drug that would give him the urge to kill and draw out his latent magic power. Sukehiro was forced to take it. When Ichika begged her father to stop, he went over to her and gave her a pill too, saying she might be useful with it too. After taking the pill, Ichika went on a rampage, killing anyone she saw, ignoring the pleas of her clansmen. Sukehiro struggled to contain himself under the pill's effects and was forced to watch as his sister murdered countless members. Once her berserk state ended, she saw her reflection in the sword's blade, while countless bodies lay around her. Her father laughed maniacally and was pleased with Ichika's power. As she lost consciousness, she overheard Ryuya and Sukehiro decide to hide the truth of the incident from her, since at a young age, it would be too hard to bear. Sukehiro took the blame for the massacre and fled from the Hino Country.

Ichika contemplates if the memory was hers or if it was even real, wondering if she really was the one that killed her entire clan and if all the days she spent hating her brother were in vain. The illusion of her father hits her and she gets knocked back. The other members of the Ryuzen have recovered and stand up. As the guardians of this land, they refuse to fall until this is over. Lily tells them that Lucius Zogratis will give them true peace and happiness later on, and insists they should die and rest in peace for now. The dragon rears its head up, having regenerated, much to the horror of the Ryuzen.

Ichika tries to calm herself after seeing the memory but cannot keep her mind focused on the fight, instead doubting her own strength. The illusion of her father strikes downwards at Ichika, but Asta protects her in the same way her brother used to. Asta demands to know what the illusion is doing to his benefactor.

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