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Unprepared 「不覚 Fukaku」 is the 345th Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Ryuya Ryudo told Ichika Yami, Asta, and Liebe about the enemies that had arrived in the Hino Country. Although Asta wanted to help out, Ryuya instead had him continue his training since they would need his completed strength in the fight. Before leaving with Ichika, Ryuya warned Asta that if he is not focused in the training, Yosuga Musyogatake will kill him.

Beside a tree surrounded by sets of stairs, Yosuga and Asta are continuing the training. True to Ryuya's warning, Yosuga's attack smashes the stairs beneath Asta, who is United with Liebe. Asta attempts a counterattack with Zetten, but Yosuga dodges and slams Asta into a pillar. Although he would rather be helping the other Ryuzen Seven members fight, Yosuga is fighting Asta seriously, at Ryuya's request. Asta is shaken by the difference between his and Yosuaga's strength and skill. Nearby, Fujio Tenmanyashiki sits in the tree and plays his biwa, which enhances Asta's durability and relieves his exhaustion. Asta thanks him, to which Fujio replies that he will support Asta because Ryuya wants to.

As Asta returns to training, Yosuga realizes why Ryuya left the task to him and points out that Asta's doubts are holding him back from completing Zetten. When Asta denies having doubts, Yosuga explains that he can sense the hesitation through their sword exchanges and that his sword can cut through everything. He then demonstrates this by unleashing a slash that cuts into Asta's left shoulder, as well as hits along the whole length of stairs behind Asta. Asta reflects on his recent failings, such as protecting Sister Lily and defeating Lucius Zogratis and Ichika, and realizes that he has been doubting his ability to grow stronger and become the Wizard King. As Fujio's playing continues, Yosuga yells at Asta for getting lost in thought while fighting the strongest of the Ryuzen Seven, and challenges Asta to unleash everything at him. Asta further reflects on whether or not Yuno might have succeeded where Asta failed.[1]

Meanwhile, in Goshu, the other five Ryuzen Seven face off against the five-headed dragon. Ginnojomorifuyu Kezoukaku trembles at the sight of the beast and believes that they cannot win. Lily flies over to them and offers to make Ginnojomorifuyu's death a painless one. Ichika tells Ginnojomorifuyu to stop whining and draw her sword. As soon as she does, Ginnojomorifuyu enters a bloodthirsty frenzy and leaps through the air, slashing Lily across the face before the Paladin could react.[2]

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