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Black Clash 「黒と黒の衝突 Kuro to Kuro no Shōtotsu」 is the 343rd Page of Yūki Tabata's Black Clover.


Seeing Ichika Yami's armored form, Asta springs back and enters his black form. She concentrates Dark Magic in her hand, which pulls Asta back toward her. Before her magic-enhanced sword slash can connect though, Asta and Liebe Unite, neutralizing the magic's effect on them, and draw the Demon-Slasher Katana. Ichika kicks them into a waterfall. As they emerge from the water, they release a flying vertical slash, which Ichika dodges, jumping into the air. Asta and Liebe try to take advantage of her vulnerable position, but Ichika dodges their slash by using Black Star to pull herself out of the way. While she usually has the spell affect her opponents, this time she has created several and will use them to alter her own movements, increasing her maneuverability and evasiveness. However, Asta and Liebe draw the Demon-Dweller Sword and negate the Black Stars.

The fighters then charge at each other for a Zetten clash, but Ichika dodges Asta and Liebe's sword and slams her foot into their head, sending them crashing into the water below. Upon landing, Ichika criticizes them for foolishly thinking they could outdo her in a Zetten clash. She also criticizes Asta's dream to become Wizard King when he lack resolve, conviction, and skill. With blood pouring down his face, Asta sits up and senses in her ki that there is something besides hatred in her heart for him and Yami. She disparages his opinion.[1]

As they charge at each other again, Asta realizes how best to perform his Zetten. However, Ryuya Ryudo interrupts the fighters, grabbing Ichika's hand and blocking Asta and Liebe's sword. He tells them to stop, and Ichika immediately drops her spell and offers to commit seppuku as an apology, which Ryuya refuses. Ryuya then asks about Asta's head injury. As Asta and Liebe unmerge, Asta thinks about his failure with Zetten but believes that he is close. When Asta asks about Ryuya's arm, the Shogun suggests that they visit Humito Mikuriya for healing and food. Suddenly, Ryuya senses the arrival of Lily Aquaria, a revived Heath Graice, and another mage in the sky above the Hino Country.[2]

Magic and Spells used[]

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